Dear Mr. President


Here is what I wrote when I started this blog in May, 2007.

I  am a concerned American who has lived in Germany for over 30 years, playing and teaching violin and viola.  Writing to the President and the Vice President daily helps keep me sane.  I know they never read what I write, but someone doubtless does.  And at least I am doing something to protest this heinous government of ours.  I have been writing to Bush and Cheney on and off for years, but only since September, 2006, have I written more or less daily.  I intend to keep writing until we leave Iraq, no matter who is President.

Otherwise, I like Bach.  

Well, now Obama is President.  Halleluja!!  But we are still in Iraq.  Obama has done a lot (this is his fourth day in office as I write this – counting Inauguration Day).   But we must all of us keep awake and aware.  Today unmanned drones killed 10 people on the Pakistani border.   Unmanned drones?   Hell no.  We killed those people.  We Americans.  So enough already.  I guess I’ll just keep on writing.  Only now it’s harder in that, so far anyway, you can only write Obama through the  site.  So that’s what I’ve been doing.  And so can you.  Let’s make sure he knows what we think.


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