Dear Mr. President

So far, so good…but questions
January 28, 2009, 5:03 pm
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Dear Mr. President,

     Why don’t you put your press briefings onto the Whitehouse website?  I can only find them on the website of the Press Corps.  And why don’t you ever answer your mail?  George W. always did, don’t forget!

   Otherwise, you’re doing  fine things out there in Washington!!!  Great interview with Al Arabia.    Good stuff on the economy and the environment. Nice tries with non-partisonship.  Or at least, tries.  Maybe “nice” is the wrong word.  So keep up the good work!

Sincerely, VNV


Five Days: The tax cuts
January 15, 2009, 7:27 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
     For the next days I’ll list some of your more destructive creations (an oxymoron much like “compassionate conservatism” or “intelligent 43rd President”).   Today I want to talk about your irresponsible tax cuts. 
     How stupid can a President get?  In your closing press conference, you spoke of “having inherited a recession, and we’re in a recession again now”.  Nonsense.  You inherited a surplus.  You could have used it to bolster social security.  You could have used it for roads and schools.  But no.  You squandered it in a “bread and circuses” attempt to curry our favor, spreading the wealth, as it were, so thin as to make no difference to the rich, no help to the poor. 
    Your tax cuts were no different.  You cut out what you called the “death tax” – that was no “death tax”; it was a tax on very large estates, estates mostly of people who could afford to pay those taxes.  Then you cut capital gains.  Who profited?  The rich.  Who suffered?  The poor. 
    And then you began using up all that money you no longer had.   What can you have been thinking of?    Everything you have done since taking office has put us deeper in debt.  You have mortaged our future, and you can no longer keep up the payments.  Only an utter fool would try to fight two wars on borrowed cash with no hope of repayment.  You have sold our country to its creditors. 
    You speak of having made “tough decisions.”  Tough they may possibly have been; WRONG they assuredly were.
Sincerely, VNV

Final Press Conference

Dear Mr. President,

     Time’s a-runnin’ short now.  I’ve been gone a couple of weeks, caring for my Mom again, so I’ll have to try to write fast to catch up.  I just listened to your last press conference.  You may be thinking that you acquitted yourself fairly well.  You only got mad a couple of times.   I’ve included the passages at the bottom of this letter. 

You got mad about the “moral standing” question.  You said you “disagree strongly with the assessment that our moral standing has been damaged”.  You said only an “elite” think that, only a few “European” countries. Sir:  Make that a lot of European countries.  Make that most Latin American countries.  Make that most Asian countries.  You say:  “Ask India”.  Yes do.  Ask Pakistan, too.  Ask Syria and, indeed, ask Iraq!

     You said sure Gitmo was contraversial.  Then you faulted other countries for refusing to take into their countries the people we have incarcerated, the people we refuse to take into our own country.  Mr. President, we are responsible for these people.  We have them in prison.  We must charge them or let them go free.  We must protect those of them who are under threat.  We must do this. Not Europe.  Not China.  Not Saudi Arabia.  We are responsible!

    The other question that really brought your dander up was about New Orleans – after you said that you had had good reasons for not landing there in Air Force 1.  Mr. President, no one wanted you to land there in Air Force 1.  People wanted HELP, not you.  You didn’t help them.  Your organization, FEMA, failed miserably.  Couldn’t you have found the words to apologize for that?  No one, repeat no one is faulting the helicopter pilots who rescued those 30,000 people from the roof tops.  People are faulting YOUR GOVERNMENT for putting people in asbesto trailers.  For not restoring power or running water.  For leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens in the lurch.

    So frankly, however well you may think you have acquitted yourself, I cannot acquit you.  I cannot acquit you of gross malfeasance in office.  I will not make the mistake of what you called “misunderestimating” you.  I estimate that you have damaged our beloved country far beyond what any President before you has done.

  HERE ARE YOUR VERY WORDS, some of the most ill-judged words of your horrible Presidency.  You should be ashamed of yourself, Sir.


THE PRESIDENT: I strongly disagree with the assessment that our moral standing has been damaged. It may be damaged amongst some of the elite, but people still understand America stands for freedom, that America is a country that provides such great hope.

You go to Africa, you ask Africans about America’s generosity and compassion; go to India, and ask about, you know, America’s — their view of America. Go to China and ask. Now, no question parts of Europe have said that we shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq without a mandate, but those are a few countries. Most countries in Europe listened to what 1441 said, which is disclose, disarm or face serious consequences.

Most people take those words seriously. Now, some countries didn’t — even though they might have voted for the resolution. I disagree with this assessment that, you know, people view America in a dim light. I just don’t agree with that. And I understand that Gitmo has created controversies. But when it came time for those countries that were criticizing America to take some of those — some of those detainees, they weren’t willing to help out. And so, you know, I just disagree with the assessment, Mike.

I’ll remind — listen, I tell people, yes, you can try to be popular. In certain quarters in Europe, you can be popular by blaming every Middle Eastern problem on Israel. Or you can be popular by joining the International Criminal Court. I guess I could have been popular by accepting Kyoto, which I felt was a flawed treaty, and proposed something different and more constructive.

And in terms of the decisions that I had made to protect the homeland, I wouldn’t worry about popularity. What I would worry about is the Constitution of the United States, and putting plans in place that makes it easier to find out what the enemy is thinking, because all these debates will matter not if there’s another attack on the homeland. The question won’t be, you know, were you critical of this plan or not; the question is going to be, why didn’t you do something?

Do you remember what it was like right after September the 11th around here? In press conferences and opinion pieces and in stories — that sometimes were news stories and sometimes opinion pieces — people were saying, how come they didn’t see it, how come they didn’t connect the dots? Do you remember what the environment was like in Washington? I do. When people were hauled up in front of Congress and members of Congress were asking questions about, how come you didn’t know this, that, or the other? And then we start putting policy in place — legal policy in place to connect the dots, and all of a sudden people were saying, how come you’re connecting the dots?

And so, Mike, I’ve heard all that. I’ve heard all that. My view is, is that most people around the world, they respect America. And some of them doesn’t like me, I understand that — some of the writers and the, you know, opiners and all that. That’s fine, that’s part of the deal. But I’m more concerned about the country and our — how people view the United States. They view us as strong, compassionate people who care deeply about the universality of freedom.



Mr. President, on New Orleans, you basically talked about a moment ago about the photo opportunity. But let’s talk about what you could have done to change the situation for the city of New Orleans to be further along in reconstruction than where it is now. And also, when you came — or began to run for the Oval Office about nine years ago or so, the James Byrd dragging death was residue on your campaign. And now at this time, 2009, we have the first black President. Could you tell us what you have seen on the issues of race, as you see it from the Oval Office?

THE PRESIDENT: Sure, thanks. First of all, we did get the $121 billion, more or less, passed, and it’s now being spent. Secondly, the school system is improving dramatically. Thirdly, people are beginning to move back into homes. This storm was a devastating storm, April, that required a lot of energy, a lot of focus and a lot of resources to get New Orleans up and running.

And has the reconstruction been perfect? No. Have things happened fairly quickly? Absolutely. And is there more to be done? You bet there is.

Q What more needs to be done?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, more people need to get in their houses. More people need to have their own home there. But the systems are in place to continue the reconstruction of New Orleans.

People said, well, the federal response was slow. Don’t tell me the federal response was slow when there was 30,000 people pulled off roofs right after the storm passed. I remember going to see those helicopter drivers, Coast Guard drivers, to thank them for their courageous efforts to rescue people off roofs. Thirty thousand people were pulled off roofs right after the storm moved through. It’s a pretty quick response.

Could things have been done better? Absolutely. Absolutely. But when I hear people say, the federal response was slow, then what are they going to say to those chopper drivers, or the 30,000 that got pulled off the roofs?

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about this, Mr. President.  I’ll just leave your words here for you and/or others to contemplate.  Don’t you ever really think about what you say and do?

Sincerely, VNV<!–


Losing your Principles
December 1, 2008, 8:55 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
    I was reading part of your interview with ABC this evening.  It’s funny:  You always seem like such a nice guy.  You sound so well-meaning.   You make it very hard for people to dislike you or blame you or be angry with you.
     Can it truely be the case that you don’t see the evil you have committed?  Do you really think you have stuck by your principles?  What principles do you mean?  Can torture be one of your principles?  Can rewarding banks for defrauding millions of their customers be one of your principles?  Can allowing corruption decide the policies of a country which we are occupying be one of your principles? 
    Can lying to the American people in order to justify an illegal war be one of your principles?  Can sending young people into harm’s way for nothing be one of your principles?
     If this is true, then I wish your principles had gone the way of the principle I have lost in the stock market.
Sincerely, VNV

The Bailout
November 24, 2008, 7:54 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
     Remind me again:  what is that 750 billion dollar bailout supposed to accomplish?  It is supposed to have brought renewed liquidity to the banks?  Are the banks supposed to have started lending again?  Is this why Citibank now needs MORE money?  So it can open up those floodgates and let the money pour out? 
     Or was it supposed to be used to buy up mortages and reissue them at viable rates for people threatened by foreclosure?  Wasn’t that it?  That’s what I remember…
    Or don’t you guys have a plan at all?
     I’m just asking.
Sincerely, VNV

Mortgaging our Future
November 20, 2008, 7:10 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
    I hear that your plans to help people with their mortgages have peetered out.  I hear that only about 4000 people have been helped so far.  I don’t know about that for certain.
     What I do know for certain is that my slender portfolio of  stocks is worth about half of what it was.  I know that the money I saved up for my retirement is going going gone.  And I know that, nonetheless, I am really really well off, because I can stay in my house.  I own it free and clear.
    Well, I guess you can’t stay in yours.  You haven’t paid up your debts, not by a long shot!  You’ve mortaged our future and then defaulted on the loan.
Sincerely, VNV

Obama’s TV Show
October 29, 2008, 7:22 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
     Tonight is Barack Obama’s big TV to-do.  I don’t quite know how I feel about that.  Of course, he does have the money to spend – we all gave it to him.  I gave him some, myself.  Not much. I don’t have that much extra.  Just a few dollars now and then.
   And I guess millions and millions of us have done the same thing.  He’s raised 150 million dollars just in September!  Geez, a man like that doesn’t have to raise taxes on anyone.  He can just ask for donations to the government.  Then he can redistribute the wealth all he wants.
  In fact, that’s what I wish he’d do with this money, instead of using it for TV ads.  He could spread the wealth amongst those impoverished by your administration.
Sincerely, VNV