Dear Mr. President

Ending the Global Gag Rule
January 24, 2009, 4:42 pm
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Dear President Obama,

      All I wanted to do today was to thank you hugely and immensely for your executive order ending the ban on funds to international population support groups that mention abortion.  Bless your heart.  Finally.  My mother’s good friend Janet Roberts can now rejoice as well – she founded “34 millions friends” to try to fill that awful hole the Bush administration left in caring for women.

    I think that’s what people don’t realize.  Funding organizations like UNFPA that help women get legal and safe abortions is not about  funding abortions.  It’s about helping women around the globe have access to health care.  It means saving mothers’ lives and saving babies’ lives.  That’s what it all comes down to.   It’s pro-life, that’s what it is.

Sincerely, VNV


Thank you note 3
November 26, 2008, 8:03 pm
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Dear Mr. President, Continuing in my grateful way, today I want to thank you for all you have done in support of aiding HIV sufferers. I know this is something for which you have been honored, and justly so. Even detractors of your programs – those who decry your emphasis on abstinence rather than condomes, for example – admit that what you have done, you have done well. Thank you, Mr. President. This is indeed a legacy whereof you can be proud.

Sincerely, VNV

UNFPA or 34 Million Friends
Dear Mr. President,
    I just read that one of President-elect Obama’s first acts may be to rescind your order curtailing financing to international groups that give advice on birth control and have the audacity to mention abortion.  Thank heavens!  Now maybe we can get back to supporting the U.N. Population Fund, UNFPA, from whose resources we cut those $34 million dollars that my mother’s friend Jane Roberts has been trying to restore with her organization “34 Million Friends.”  If you don’t know about it, look it up:
Don’t you think it’s about time you took note of the women whose lives you have put at risk by your narrow-minded, vicious tactics?
Sincerely, VNV

If one of them were Jesus…
December 3, 2007, 8:34 pm
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Dear Mr. President,

    I have just been reading about the danger of a cholera epidemic in Baghdad.  Those two boys who recently died in the orphanage shown on CBS had cholera.  It’s sad beyond words.  Many people don’t have enough money to buy bottled water, or sometimes they are too frightened to go out into the streets to purchase any.  Even hospitals don’t have access to clean water.  Here’s a link to an article in the”Guardian”  that tells a little about what is happening.,,2220624,00.html

    Isn’t there anything we can do?  It’s  terrible to think that now more children will probably die.  So many died even before the war, because of the sanctions.  So many have died in the bombings.  So many are orphans. 

    At this season, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the child who later said “As you did unto the least of these my brethren,  you did it unto me.”   Shouldn’t we see the Christ Child in these children?

Sincerely, MS


S-CHIP again
October 18, 2007, 8:31 pm
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Dear Mr. President,

    It seems to me that in the matter of S-CHIP you won, but the children lost.

Sincerely, MS