Dear Mr. President

Ending the Global Gag Rule
January 24, 2009, 4:42 pm
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Dear President Obama,

      All I wanted to do today was to thank you hugely and immensely for your executive order ending the ban on funds to international population support groups that mention abortion.  Bless your heart.  Finally.  My mother’s good friend Janet Roberts can now rejoice as well – she founded “34 millions friends” to try to fill that awful hole the Bush administration left in caring for women.

    I think that’s what people don’t realize.  Funding organizations like UNFPA that help women get legal and safe abortions is not about  funding abortions.  It’s about helping women around the globe have access to health care.  It means saving mothers’ lives and saving babies’ lives.  That’s what it all comes down to.   It’s pro-life, that’s what it is.

Sincerely, VNV


Afghanistan’s Women

Dear Mr. President,
  What can I say?  Innocent young girls, just walking to school, and
someone, probably from the Taliban, attacked them with acid.   One report
said shot with a water pistol, another said just “tossed in their faces.”
Two of the girls are now blind.  These girls were on their way to school.
In Afghanistan, where we actually did liberate a country for a while.  We
liberated it from those forces we supported during the time that the
Russians liberated it.  We supported the Taliban so that it could help free
Afghanistan from the Russian occupation.  Now the Taliban is trying to
liberate Afghanistan from our invasion.  In doing so, they will be
de-liberating all those women and girls we tried to liberate.
     It’s just plain horrible.  Oh what a tangled web we weave.  Or you
wove, anyway.  You have another 70 days.  Maybe you can think of something
constructive to do.  As horrible as the idea may seem to you, I think Hamid
Karzai should do as he wants to and talk to Taliban representatives.  Not
all Taliban are going to want to return Afghanistan to the Middle Ages.  I
can’t think of any other good solution, apart from sending in hundreds of
thousands of more troops, not to pacify the country, but to rebuild it.
     Sincerely, VNV

P.S.  I wrote this yesterday but was too disheartened to send it.  Today I was going to write about the lack of plan Secretary Poulson seems to have, but I’m also too disheartened about that, so I’ll send this.  You certainly are leaving what my Dad would have called “a mell of a hess” for Obama to clean up!

UNFPA or 34 Million Friends
Dear Mr. President,
    I just read that one of President-elect Obama’s first acts may be to rescind your order curtailing financing to international groups that give advice on birth control and have the audacity to mention abortion.  Thank heavens!  Now maybe we can get back to supporting the U.N. Population Fund, UNFPA, from whose resources we cut those $34 million dollars that my mother’s friend Jane Roberts has been trying to restore with her organization “34 Million Friends.”  If you don’t know about it, look it up:
Don’t you think it’s about time you took note of the women whose lives you have put at risk by your narrow-minded, vicious tactics?
Sincerely, VNV

Sarah Palin
September 6, 2008, 8:17 am
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Dear Mr. President,
    My heavenly days, but it’s been a long time since I’ve written.  Events have just sort of overwhelmed me – and the world.  I don’t know where to start!  But I’d like to say something about Sarah Palin.
    I am so glad she is proud of her children.  They look like children to be proud of.  She is proud of her daughter’s choice to keep her baby and marry her young man.  She is proud of her son’s choice to join the military and be sent to Iraq.
     Well, I am an equally proud mother.  I am proud of my daughter and her choice, at barely 18, not to keep her baby and not to marry the young drug addict who would have been the father.  It was a hard hard hard choice, believe me.  And I know of no woman who has had an easy choice in this matter.  Nor can I know if the decision was “right.”   We are not given to know what would have happened “if”.  Maybe her boyfriend would have straightened out.   Maybe she would have emerged from her depression and been able to care for her child.  Maybe her father and I would have been great surrogate parents.   But maybe not. 
    What I do know, seeing her now with her newborn baby at her breast, with her loving husband at her side, is that now is a good time for her to be a mother.  And I am unutterably proud of her good sense in having a loved and wanted child.  And I am unutterably grateful that my daughter did have a choice!
   And I am proud of my brother, who, faced with another choice, risked prison rather than go to Vietnam.  If I had a child of military age now, I, myself, would be proud if he or she did not go to Iraq but went instead, perhaps, into community service. 
    So I can share Sarah Palin’s feelings of pride.  I only ask that she be willing to share mine!
Sincerely, VNV

Hillary Clinton’s Speech
June 8, 2008, 9:56 pm
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Dear Mr. President,
     Wasn’t that a great speech that Hillary Clinton gave, conceding to
Barack Obama?  I was so proud of her!  It is so sad that, in order to have
the first African American candidate, the first woman candidate has to bow
out.  I just hope that Hillar Clinton’s supporters now support Obama!  We
need a change.  And the reason we need a change is:  YOU.  You are the
status quo we must overcome!  Electing John McCain won’t do it, although it
would be a relief just to have someone in the White House who disapproves of
    But we need more than that!  We need Obama for President!

Sincerely, VNV

Saudi women
January 15, 2008, 9:55 pm
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Dear Mr. President,

     Three questioins:  have you had a chance to talk  to any Saudi women during your visit?  If so, how do they feel about your support of a misogynist regime?  If not, why not?

Sincerely, MS